it-consultingInformation technology became at the heart of each and every business and chosing the right solutions for the technological needs became a demanding matter for all businesses.

With all the different brands, features they offer deciding on which product is right for an organization can be very tricky especially that the decision can be governed by many variable and trade offs (price, features, scalability, quality, support, overhead, etc …)

Moreover, it is very important to make the proper decision when analyzing the IT requirements of any project since under estimating the needs will result in a system which is short of delivering what is needed from it and over estimating the requirements would engage the company in a costly investment which is not necessary and in many cases the solutions may not serve the purpose for which the system was founded for.

With our team of specialized consultants, Flux can provide you with the professional IT consultancy you seek. We can analyze all your technical requirements based on your business needs, present you with the most cost effective solutions that suits you, and we can quality control their implementation whether they were implemented by our tem or not.