Software applications aim at providing users with a tool enabling them to perform productive task in an efficient and error free manner.

Software applications vary from simple applications doing specific user tasks (inventory management, database management, reporting tools) to sophisticated applications managing huge databases and implementing the entire business process of An industry providing the user with all needed forms and reporting tools.

Flux uses emerging technologies in the field of programming and software development to present its customers with the solutions they just need at the most optimal cost.

If you are a growing company and you need an ERP or a CRM or even both, Flux is ready to do an analysis for your business and to provide you with the needed solution that will get you ahead of your competitors by employing the endless powers of information systems.



Big businesses , implementing a complex business process need to have an efficient software solution organizing the tasks between different departments and providing the management with an efficient tracking and reporting system which enables them to track down any gaps in the operation lifecycle or any un foreseen issues or delays. Such Software Solutions are called ERP Software or Enterprise Resource Planning.

Customers are the main asset in every business. Eventually, It is a must for companies with a huge customers data base to have a software that stores all their customers information and keeps track of all the activities and correspondence with their customers and providing the business owner with special reports about their customers, about the performance of their employees  and with automatic notifications for each and every valued customer. Such systems are know by Customer Relationship Management system (CRM).